Human design Blueprint „A book to navigate you through life”

Your unique instruction manual that will not only tell you how you are designed, but above all, show you how to best use this knowledge in life.

Human Design Blueprint

The written Human Design Blueprint will tell you how to go through life on a path of least resistance, communicate, navigate interpersonal relationships or make aligned decisions.

It will provide tools and guide you on what to do when you act against yourself.

"The Greatest Secret"

Here’s a great excerpt from Rhonda Byrne’s book „The Greatest Secret”:

“I used to be always busy doing things. I was proud of my ability to organize work and multi-task. These features have become my trademark. I was the Queen of Action! AND The universe, of course, flooded me with an endless stream of tasks to do because that was the image I had of myself.

Everything changed when I stopped identifying with the fake image of myself and let the Consciousness speak of who I really am. Since then, I’m not only happier than I’ve ever been, but I don’t run around always busy because of various things it started to work itself out, as if it were operating outside of me.”

Beautiful descrpition - Human Design Blueprint

This beautiful description describes what happens to you after you meet your true self. Being a self-aware person, you start to act differently, communicate differently, live differently! In harmony with each other. And because each of us is different, there is no one manual for all of us. There is an instruction manual for you.

Delivery time: up to 14 days.

Your exact date of birth and time are required. Your manual is over 55 pages of a precise story about you, and specific tips on how to act to skilfully move around the world. Everything written in a simple language so that you don’t have to wonder „what the author meant” and you can immediately put the knowledge into practice.

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